When you explore Africa you come across some amazing creatures that
don’t really get enough press. Klipspringers are one of those. Dainty little
antelopes that love on the rocky outcrops across the country. In Kruger we
call them koppies or Kopjies which is the original Afrikaans word for these
rocky outcroppings of granite. They can be from 20-80 meters high and are
composed of broken down granite boulders for the most part sticking out of
the otherwise sandy soil that prevails in most parts. 

I saw these beautiful antelope on the top of the Waterberg mountains in the Marakele National Park and got a few decent pix. Klips are actually rocks and springers are jumpers so they are rockjumpers.

They mate for life and are highly territorial. Notice the deep extra ‘nostril’ on
the cheek. It is a scent gland and they mark off their domain with the scent
from it to let other klips know that they own the area. Funny thing is if an
intruder shows up and its male then the male will fight it off. And they play
rough! They have been known to fight to the death! If it is a female then the
female fights it off.

Their hooves are hard on the outside and soft on the inside that helps them
grab on to the rock and not slip just like the better known mountain goats
such as ibex and others.

They are small only about 3 feet high at best and have hair that is hollow.
this helps them stay warm and also pads them if they were to fall. Pretty
cool. So like I say come and explore Africa there is something different
right around every corner.

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