About Us

I am a man whose heart beats to the rhythm of reggae, the call of the wild, and the click of the camera. I am not just a wildlife enthusiast; I am passionate about showcasing the beauty and diversity of our natural world.

 My journey began with a fascination for the untamed landscapes of Africa and the dense jungles of India, since I was 10. This culminated 14 years ago when I started doing safaris in India and ended up moving to Africa training as a field guide and working in the iconic parks of South Africa – The Kruger and the Kgalagadi among others.

There is nowhere I would rather be than the bush and taking people to see the places and creatures I love is my passion. I see myself as a raconteur with oodles of stories and experiences to share and hopefully more and more people will come to know the wonderful world that God has given us and feel a greater connect to Nature wherever they are. 

So are you longing for a genuine safari experience in the wild? Is it your dream to see wild animals up close and personal in the bush? Have you been thinking of sleeping under the stars in Africa and listening to the sounds of nature in the night? Are you a photographer looking for that special shooting opportunity? Do you want to take your family on an unforgettable African safari?

 Well now you can relax, because you have found the right place. DreadLion Safaris will take care of everything for you to make sure you have an amazing time. Whether its wilderness or whale watching, birding or Big 5, Kruger or Kaziranga, we are here to provide you with a wonderful experience, the memories of which will last forever. 

Safaris with DreadLion are more than just photo opportunities; they’re immersive experiences that ignite a deep connection to nature. Whether you’re tracking a pride of lions at dawn or witnessing the majestic elephants of the Serengeti, every moment with us is a journey of discovery and wonder.


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