We see a lot of rhino where I am exploring Africa and its really great to have that chance. As you all know there are lunatics who think that rhino horn is gonna make them the Casanova of the century and that it does not work. The only way arhino horn would help is if you strap it on (you dumb clod!). For the record, rhino horn is just the same material as your finger nails so chew them if you want in fact all you want and leave rhinos alone (you dumb clod!)

Sorry that was just me sounding off, after you see pix of rhino head that have been mutilated with a chainsaw just to keep up someone’s idiotic superstition you get a little upset from time to time.

Anyway I had a great idea to get some rhino shots from a very different angle on day and few of us went out to see how to get a close low shot of a rhino. We came up on a few feeding in an open area of the reserve and stopped the car to watch them. White rhino or rather wide lipped rhino as they are called are quite placid non combative types and they were happy to come closer and closer and closer and well really quite close.

We got off the safari vehicle and lay down literally on the grass for these shots and I must say I quite like the effect of the setting sun making everything golden and the rhino being actually hardly 10 yards away. They got that close that we actually had to take cover under the Landrover. Rhino from under the car perhaps was a better title. Ha! An awesome series for me. What about you? Come and explore Africa it rocks.

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